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Baby Boy Suffers from Seizures after Getting Vaccines

Gasping for air and experiencing body twitches, 10-month old Bobby Maguire started having 14 violent …

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The Evolution of Dance

Music and dance are a big part of our culture. From the flappers and disco …


Would You Help a Child Being Bullied?

Countless of children are bullied around the world. Needless to say, it has been a …


5 Most Uplifting and Motivational Speeches That You Need to Hear Right Now

Life is one big roller coaster ride. Heart pounding so hard, feeling the adrenaline rushing …


You Might Be Alive Today ‘Cause Your Dad Got Lightning-Fast Reflexes

Ah, the so-called “dad-reflex” – some say it’s encoded into every father the moment their …


8 Warning Signs You Are Dealing with an Evil Person

When we were younger, we thought of evil in the form of villains in fairy …

  • November 02, 2017
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Horrifying Halloween Make Up Ideas that Look Too Real

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Deliciously Creepy Food Ideas for Your Next Halloween Party

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16  Real-Life Statements That Could Change Your Way of Thinking Forever

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Dad and Baby Moonwalking Into Viral Stardom

Have you ever seen a baby moonwalking to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It?” Well, this hilarious …

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14 Inspiring Love Quotes from Your Favourite Celebrities That Will Warm Your Heart

If you’ve been smitten by heartwarming Rom-Coms (2004’s the Notebook definitely has its fair share …

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5 Easy No-Bake, DIY Heart-Shaped Foodie Crafts That Will Melt Your Heart

Nothing says “I love you” like DIY, home-made treats! Why not serve up something delish …