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My name is Jane, a full time working mother handling campaigns for a private company in Australia. I write to share my experiences and thoughts to help mothers and parents who search/read online articles about kids, health, and lifestyle.

soup noodles

Comfort Foods That are Perfect During Rainy Season

During the rainy season, people are too lazy to go outside because of the weather. …


How to Deal with Someone Who Has Kleptomania

I have encountered a kleptomaniac.   She was the daughter of someone close to my …

Bullet trains

China to Speed Up Bullet Trains This Year

Six years after a deadly high-speed rail crash in China, authorities are asked to slow …


Yummy Recipes That You Need to Cook and Taste in 2017

Everybody loves food. Actually, I love food very much to the point that I decided …


Recycled Christmas Crafts

  December is coming! It is the time to set your Christmas decoration. But this …


Best Food Recipes for Christmas Morning

On Christmas day we are not only expecting for the gifts under the Christmas tree, …


Homemade Flea Shampoo for your Pets.

Once your pets are bitten by fleas, they will feel irritated, itchy, and uncomfortable. In …

  • November 28, 2016
  • Pets

Brave mom fights cancer and breaks out dancing like nobody’s watching

When we are sick, it is most likely that we just want to just sit …


Confusing Phrases of Guys and what they really mean

Most of the time, you feel like you’re speaking to your husband or boyfriend with …


Queen Elizabeth Fashion History

One of the most remarkable traits of Queen Elizabeth is she has great taste in …


10 Beautiful Bible Verses for Every Woman

When a person says “beauty,” we often think of women. They are all beautiful inside …


The Benefits of Music to Our Health

Everyone loves music because it brings happiness. Whether it is classical or instrumental, music can …