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Victorians Will Get Thunderstorm Asthma Events Warnings Three Days Before it Would Occur

A new detection system has been released and Victoria has first dibs. Victoria established a …


Lygon Street Businesses Destroyed After Suspicious Fire

A number of Lygon Street Businesses were set ablaze as a fire started from inside …


Kim Soo-Hyun to Enter Military Service on October 23

It is official; the dashing alien who landed during the Joseon period is now making …


Playboy Magazine Founder Hugh Hefner Dies at 91

Hugh Hefner, the founder of the world famous adult magazine Playboy, has passed away. He …


Sony Confirms Arrival of Neko Atsume to PlayStation VR

The 2D cat-collecting mobile game will now have a new platform. Neko Atsume, a game …


UK Cops ‘Arrest’ Swan Due to ‘Road Rage’

Just like a scene straight out of the movie “Hot Fuzz”. Meanwhile, in the United …

  • September 21, 2017
  • OMG!
Royal family

Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant With Royal Baby No. 3

The Kensington Palace announced Monday, that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their …


Get Your Hands on a Mythical Pokémon for Sun and Moon This Fall

Expand your Pokédex by one with a legendary catch. Console and video game giant Nintendo …

Star Wars

Be One With The Force as ‘Star Wars’ Reveals New Characters in AR Treasure Hunt

“No midi-chlorians necessary.” With “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” or “Episode VIII” is a few …

Android Oreo

Android Oreo: Google Finally Unveils Another Sweet Surprise Baked with Extra Sweet “New” Super Powers

So, Android‘s new OS is Oreo – cute name, but will it really be a …


Final Fantasy XV is Now Going Mobile

A pocket-sized Noctis and gang will be available on mobile in fall 2017! Final Fantasy …


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Celebrated Birthday with Donation to UNHCR

One big happy birthday to the one and only G-Dragon! In South Korea, G-Dragon, the …