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Philippine’s Security and Exchange Commission Revokes Local News Agency and Administration Critic Rappler Its License to Operate

The Philippine Security and Exchange Commission or SEC, revoked local news site Rappler of its …

majin buu

Get a Glimpse of The adidas X ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Collab HERE

In what’s otherwise a rather strange collaboration, adidas and “Dragon Ball Z” unveiled the fruit …

Robert De Niro YouTube

Oscar-Winner Robert De Niro Slams U.S. President Donald Trump in a Expletive-Filled Speech

Robert De Niro clearly hates U.S. President Donald Trump. In a speech filled with expletives, …


Ibuprofen Can Make You Sterile, Apparently

For men having a headache, here’s something you need to know before popping that Ibuprofen. …


Man Causes Delay in Flight By Smearing Feces on Airplane Walls

I don’t know how to say this, but guys. Please don’t smear feces on airplane …

IT Celtics

Cleveland Cavaliers Point Guard Isaiah Thomas Maintains Intense Connection With The Boston Celtics

Isaiah Thomas is as “Boston” as it gets. Despite being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers …

Kim Jong Un

North Korea Expresses Interest in Conducting Dialogue With South Korea, Maintains Nuclear Threats Against The U.S.

North Korea is making noises. And hopefully, those noises aren’t “boom boom.” In the latest …


MRT Faces Same Problems As Last Year ; Where Did The Problems Begin?

New Year, Same Problems. That’s what’s happening to the Philippines’ Metro Rail Transit, who suffered …

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Key Takeaways About The Future of Media According to Experts

The future of media is bright. In fact, it has been for more than a …

Pau Gasol

2-Time NBA Champion Pau Gasol Notches Historic Triple Double

San Antonio Spurs’ Pau Gasol has just notches the 10th triple-double of his historic NBA …

Simon Bramhall

Just Like Cattle: British Doctor Caught Branding Patient’s Liver With His Initials

Branding, the act of etching initials to a live organism using heat to identify ownership …


Boy from Ohio Gives up Xbox to Buy Blankets for Homeless People, Receives Generous Gift From Microsoft

Good things come to those who do good. Sounds convoluted sure, but that’s exactly what …