Move Over Kylie Jenner, An Egg is Now The Most Liked Instagram Post


Instagram is full of breathtaking photos, ranging from magnificent places, mouthwatering food, and attractive models. But did you know that the most liked Instagram post is not even any of those?

In a baffling article done by CNET, it seems that the most liked photo in the image-centric social media platform is a picture of an egg. It’s not scrambled eggs or even sunny side-up, it’s just a plain photo of an egg, in its shell, and it has a like of 19 million and counting.

Apparently, the photo of the egg was done as a trolling attempt to Kylie Jenner’s photo, which was previously the record holder for the most like Instagram post.

The caption said, “Kylie Jenner has the record for the most likes on an Instagram post with 18M, can we beat it with a picture of an egg?”

The photo was originally posted on the 5th of January, 2019, by the account world_record_egg,. The image, which was just a simple photo of an egg on a white, plain background, has been uploaded with a sole purpose of toppling Kylie Jenner’s post.

Jenner’s photo consists of her thumb, being clutched by her daughter that was originally posted almost a year ago – February 6, 2018.

And by the evening of January 13, Egg Gang, which was the name the accounted provided itself, has gone from 14 million likes, to 18 million IN JUST UNDER THREE HOURS.

Moreover, fans of the egg photo are apparently flooding Kylie’s photo with egg emojis or just the plain word “egg.”

As of this writing, Kylie Jenner has yet to address that an egg has defeated her on her own turf.

It seems that when it comes to being weird, and showing celebrities that even the most senseless things can beat them, the Internet always wins.

Roemart Tamayo

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