Century-old Fruitcake Found in Antarctica is in ‘Excellent Condition’

The fruitcake is believed to be brought by British explorer Robert Falcon Scott to Antartica, …

Russian cat

Unusual Pairing: Russian Cat Fosters Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs

Eight hedgehogs were given a new lease on life after a cat acted as their …


RETARDED NEWS: You Can Now Get a Degree Studying Memes

Good news normies, memesters and other person who takes memes seriously, or uses it to …

  • June 01, 2017
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great white shark

Great White Shark Jumps And Lands Into Man’s Boat

As fisherman Terry Selwood was enjoying his moment of solitude while sitting on his esky …


Omar the Cat May Be the Newest Longest Cat in the World

  Take a look at this fluffy Maine coon cat owned by Stephy Hirst of …

World War II Vet

World War II Vet Reunited with Late Wife’s 72-Year-Old Love Letter

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, a love letter was found between a wall in a home …


Watch How A Dog Defended The Yard Against a Wandering Bear

A black bear was spotted Tuesday roaming around a residential area in Bradbury, California until …

rhino de-horned

Czech Zoo De-horned Rhinos as Precaution After Attack in French Zoo

“Better de-horned than dead.”   After a recent killing of a rhinoceros in captivity in …

Gidon Goodman

Teenager’s Petition Pushed Government to Cut Parking Costs

A fourteen-year-old teenager created an online petition to cut the car parking costs at public …

ban pizza

The Real Deal on the Ban of Pineapple on Pizza in Iceland

After his pineapple ban on pizza remarks, Iceland’s President is forced to clarify his current …

sleep paralysis

5 Weird Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

While most of us think of sleep as restful, calm and soothing, your body is …

  • January 25, 2017
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Sharing Fake News on The Internet Can Lead You to Hell

Did you just share an article that though seemed fake, you clicked the shared button …