The Prodigy Frontman, Keith Flint Dies at 49-Years-Old Via Suicide

Keith Flint

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Keith Flint, The Prodigy’s manic frontman is dead at 49, via suicide.

In a report by, the vocalist for one of the biggest rave bands in the 90s was found dead in his own home in Dunmow, Essex, England.

The news was confirmed by his band mate, and The Prodigy founder Liam Howlett, which said, “The news is true , I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend , I’m shell shocked , fuckin angry , confused and heart broken…”

The singer was known for his troubled past, and in fact, his last known interview was telling of his state of mind.

In the interview, Flint described himself as a “kind of court jester meets asylum escapee” and elaborated on his rather troubled past.

“I’m not saving up for anything. I’m cashing it all now,” he said. He also said things like, “I’ve always had this thing inside me that, when I’m done, I’ll kill myself,” as well as, “The moment I start s*itting the bed is when you’ll see me on the front of a bus.”

Apart from Howlett’s Instagram post, Flint’s death was also confirmed by the police, and said that the death surrounding the singer is being treated as “non-suspicious,” and a file would be sent to the coroner.

The Prodigy is arguably one of the biggest band of the “Big Beat” genre during the 90s, known for their hits “Smack My B*tch Up” and “Firestarter,” which features Flint’s punk-style vocals.

He was known for his energy and wild dancing during performances, and was described as a “Neon Demon,” and “Giddy Rottweiler.”

Flint was also known as a motorcycle enthusiast, and owns a motorcycle racing team, which won twice at the 2015 Isle of Man tournament, as reported by The Guardian.

He is survived by his wife, Japanese DJ Mayumi Kai.

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