NBA Playoffs 2019 Quick Recap: Warriors, Rockets and Bucks All Take Game 1 with Blowout Wins

NBA Playoffs

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The 2019 NBA Playoffs is here and it’s absolutely how we expected it to be – intense and full of actions.

Let’s discuss some of the prominent teams in the playoffs below.

Golden State Warriors Vs. Los Angeles Clippers

The defending champions went on to take the first game, and in dominant fashion.

For starters, Curry went on a ballistic performance, putting up 38 points and 15 rebounds for the game. It’s also worth noting that he accomplished this by making eight out of 12 three pointers.

In fact, Curry’s out of this world shooting has been so frequent, that his teammates are expecting it by now.

After the 121-104 win, Warriors forward Draymond Green said, “I’m never surprised when it comes to anything with Steph shooting the basketball. I don’t think there’s much argument when anyone says he’s the greatest shooter of all time. I don’t know if you can find many people to argue that … It don’t shock me.”

Another teammate Kevin Durant said, “I mean, well, I expect it at this point. I’m not surprised by anything he does. You know, I expect him to come in and shoot well every night because he puts the work in.”

And speaking of Durant, the two-time finals MVP did a hell of a performance, but was ejected before the end of the game, due to a scuffle with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley.

However, Durant and his team took it in stride and considered it just as part of the game.

Houston Rockets Vs. Utah Jazz

The early season favourites also took game 1 of the series, as the Rockets, with the lead of James Harden, went on to win the game 122-90.

The Beard ended the game with 29 points, 10 assists and eight rebounds. The Rockets won the game with a combination of Harden’s magnificent performance, and a combination of his teammates’ efforts, wherein seven of them earned double figure points.

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Detroit Pistons

For the Eastern Conference, conference leader Milwaukee embarrassed the eight-seed Pistons, with a 36-point lead, 121-86.

Detroit struggled all game long, as evident by the final score. Giannis Antetokounmpo was a straight beast and went for a show with his explosiveness, recording 24 points and 17 rebounds.

It’s been rough for Griffin, as his return to the playoffs was met with a horrible display.

Boston Celtics Vs Indiana Pacers

In a rather relatively close game, the Celtics managed to take the game with just 10 points.

All Star Point Guard Kyrie Irving finished with 20 points in his Celtics debut in the playoffs, with Marcus Morris also contributing 20 points.

Morris’ energy brought the game to a win.

All in all, the NBA Playoffs was off to a great start and we all await the game 2 of the teams!

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