Frequently Asked Questions

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Article Submission Guidelines

We are accepting submissions under the suggested categories found on our home page.

Every feature submitted to Trendingpod must be between 350 to 800 words in length. Your content must be informative, entertaining, easy to read and of course, high-quality. We prefer content that is not wordy, no fluff and insightful points must be written briefly.

Your tone of writing can extend from dead serious tone, which is objective and includes facts and logical explanation to bubbly-funny, and sometimes sarcastic. We know that your tone in writing mirrors your personality, mood and how you truly feel about the subject. We respect that.

Before submitting an article to Trendingpod, ask yourself: Do I know what Trendingpod has written in the past few months? Does my piece build on that? Will I be reaching an audience that will be interested in my piece or would likely to engage about my topic?

Content that we do not publish

We’re sure there is a right place for every piece. At Trendingpod, however, we do not publish content that revolves around pornography and obscenity such as:

  • Nudity and sexually explicit material
  • Commercial pornography, such as driving traffic into a pornography site and monetising pornographic content.
  • Child pornography, pedophilia, incest, exploitation, bestiality and sexual violence
  • Hateful content, or any content that upholds hatred toward groups or a specific target audience, such as disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, gender and age.
  • Violent content, which implies direct threats of violence against an individual or group. We also do not publish how-tos and instructional material on the construction of weapons, bombs, etc.
  • Private and confidential information, such as unauthorised use of a person’s name, address, license numbers, credit card information, social security number, and other personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do contributors and writers have to live in or write only about a certain country?

Not necessarily. Writers and contributors all over the world are welcome to join our growing community of writers, bloggers, reviewers, travelers, photographers and literary enthusiasts. We do not limit our content to a specific geo-target location*. You can write about  the bizarre occurrence in a small town where an artist is replacing dead residents with life-sized dolls, or about a controversial new technology that the world is talking about. Our respective in-house content teams in our offices in Australia, Hongkong and the Philippines will review your piece, edit it as necessary and publish it on once approved.

How long will it take to publish my piece?

Due to the volume of content submissions, we may no longer be able to send rejection notifications to our contributors. We will definitely contact you if we are interested in using your content. If two months have passed and you have not heard from us, that means we are not using your content. Feel free to submit your piece elsewhere.

If your content is time-sensitive, please tick on the ‘time-sensitive’ box. This will notify our content review team that your story is only relevant or applicable for a short period of time and should be reviewed, and if accepted, it should be published right away.

Do you allow your contributors and writers to submit under pseudonyms?

Yes, keeping your identity anonymous by using an “alias” or pen name or your nickname is allowed. However, always provide us your author bio and a photo so we can feature you on our writer’s profile page with your writing pieces. Of course, there are million creative ways to snap a photo of yourself if you want to keep your identity a secret. No, you can’t send us a fake photo, a stock photo image or an avatar. Remember that we are trying to help you build your portfolio.

Do you pay contributors/writers?

We do not pay our contributors with monetary compensation. However, many of our contributors get a lot of freebies, such as free movie tickets, shopping vouchers, free shoes, product samples and restaurant vouchers, all in exchange for a review or a good feature story.

On the other hand, writers get paid for their work. Whether you are a contributor or a writer, Trendingpod is a great way to share your stories with the world. If you want a greater exposure for your work and portfolio, tap a bigger audience and widen your circle in the writing community, publishing your article on our online magazine and media site does it all.

How to become a writer?

Contributors who reached more than 15 published articles are eligible to apply as a Trendingpod writer. If you are a writer, you will be paid for every story that’s been approved by our in-house team and published on Trendingpod. Your writer’s fee will depend on your writing experience, quality of work, output quantity and virality of the stories you send.

Do you have to contribute or write regularly?

As a contributor, you are not required to send stories from time to time, but you can submit as long as you want to and as much as you can. However, as a writer, you need to meet our deadline and adhere to Trendingpod’s terms and conditions, which will be sent through once you are hired as a writer. You will also be given access to Trendingpod’s platform, which will be used when submitting articles.

Do you republish articles?

We do not consider republishing articles that have already been posted on other sites so as to prevent plagiarism and duplicating of content online. All articles should pass Copyscape. We encourage our contributors and writers to scan their articles using a good plagiarism checker before submitting their stories to us.

*Sponsored or featured stories are permitted to geo-target audience/readers.