Factory Containing Hazardous Waste on Fire in Melbourne, Australia; 175 Firefighters at the Scene

Melbourne Factory Fire

Image Source: Andrew Henshaw, News Corp Australia

A factory in Melbourne that handles hazardous and industrial waste is set ablaze, with more than 175 firefighters went to the scene to try and contain the fire.

According to News.com.au, the Bradbury Industrial Services building is blazing for hours now, and worse, the fumes emanating from the factory is acidic and dangerous.

Although sources state that the fire is now under control, assessment said that the place could burn for several days. A man named “Stu,” who worked adjacent to the place, said that the fire happened when a forklift combusted.

He said, “there was a forklift [which] accidentally pierced a drum which then fell, and obviously a steel drum on concrete, created a spark and with the fumes, one can only assume that it ignited.”

Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade said that 30 people managed to escape, before the firefighters from the 16 Thornycroft Street arrived at the scene.

Unfortunately, one worker was seriously injured by the fire, with another taken to the hospital with an eye injury.

Factory’s License Suspended by the EPA

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bradbury Industrial Services had its license suspended by the agency, due to failing to clean up its place.

The EPA Executive Director said, “We suspended their licence in late March. We inspected the premises and found three times the amount of material on the premises that it was licensed to store.”

“These are highly flammable materials and obviously in terms of moving them it’s quite a significant operation.”

“We actually did an inspection yesterday and that material had been reduced at site, but not to our satisfaction,” he further added.

Air is Now Safe

As per authorities, the air quality that was reported to be “acidic” is no longer an issue for the surrounding suburbs, but still, the residents are cautioned to stay away from Merlynston Creek to Mafra, as they are now monitoring the water quality.

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