Nature is Metal: Rhino Poacher Trampled to Death by an Elephant, Then Devoured by Lions


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Poaching is one of the largest threats to wildlife in the world. But last week, wildlife got its comeuppance.

In a report by the New York Times, a man suspected of poaching Rhinos in a South African park got trampled and killed by an elephant, and then being eaten by a pride of lions.

Sounds brutal? It sure is.

In fact, when the rangers at the Kruger National Park, and other searchers scoured the safari for the poacher’s remains, they only managed to find his skull and his pair of pants.

Moreover, four the man’s accomplices have been arrested by authorities.

The man’s status as a poacher was confirmed by his accomplices, when they told his relatives that they are in the park to poach rhinos, which led to his demise.

His remains were found by a search party, which includes rangers who worked on foot, as well as some air support. However, his body was not immediately recovered, as night has approached.

Glenn Phillips, the Kruger National Park Managing Executive said in a statement, “Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise. It holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that.”

The manager added that he was saddened when he saw the poacher’s daughters “mourning the loss of their father, and worse still, only being able to recover very little of his remains.”

According to The South China Morning Post, the four acquaintances of the man will remain in custody of the authorities, pending their bail and they will appear in court “in due course.”

Not the First Incident in Recent Memory

Poachers being killed by wildlife is not an uncommon occurrence to safaris. In fact, just last year, three suspected poachers were eaten alive by lions.

Unfortunately, wildlife being killed by poachers still outnumber the poachers being killed by wildlife. Last 2017, 1,028 rhinos have been killed by poachers, due to their lucrative horn that can sell for up to $50,000 per kilogram.

Rhinos are one of the most endangered species in the world, with a number of its subspecies already declared as extinct.

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