The 5 Most Brilliant (But Harmless) April Fool’s Prank Ever!


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It’s the first of April. Which means, it’s April Fool’s Day!

As a warning, we want to advise you to take everything you see today with a grain of salt. Or at the very least, look carefully and confirm if it’s a joke or not.

We’ve seen our fair share of “I’m pregnant” pranks, as well as “I’m moving overseas” jokes. Which is why check out these 5 unique and funny April Fools jokes we’ve compiled!

  1. The UberGO

The ride-hailing app giant decided to join in the fun, and pull a prank for its users when it introduced the UberGo!


In what they called an “attempt” to fight traffic and congestion, Uber decided that they are removing more cars on the road, and replacing them with pogo sticks. YES. Pogo sticks. The one you hop on to and then jump to move.

Of course, many were shocked with this announcement, but eventually it was obvious that it was just a joke from Uber.

  1. SodaStream.ME

SodaStream, the do-it-yourself soda manufacturer has partnered with famous U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly that purportedly create sparkling water from your excess carbon dioxide or CO2.

Sounds disgusting? We think so too. And we’re thankful that it’s just a joke.

  1. Groupon The Standing Sleep Desk

Want to work all the time? No time to leave your station and go home to rest?


Then maybe you’d want this NapDesk 2000 posted by groupon. Ergonomically designed, comfortable, and most of all, can be used on the office, the NapDesk 2000 is the sleeping vessel for workaholics. Too bad it’s just a joke though.

  1. Nando’s Peri Plump Lip Kit

Got a craving of Nando’s peri sauces, but still want to look beautiful? Then maybe you’ll dig this Peri Plump Kit which is infused and flavored by Nando’s signature sauces.

Utterly funny and UTTERLY ridiculous, this April Fool’s prank from the chicken restaurant had us lol-ing

  1. Deliveroo Crustless Pizza

Sure, we don’t really eat the crust anyways, and Deliveroo found a way to solve that problem, by offering their “crustless” pizza. It’s basically a normal pizza, but with the cut and taken out.


Unfortunately, it’s a prank and we are forced to waste these unused pizza crusts.

How about you? What April Fool’s prank you found interesting? Hit the comments!

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