Man Calls the Cops on a Burglar, But The Burglar is Himself

Burglar Kuhfuss Mask

Who do you call in case you get in trouble? The police of course – even if you are in the middle of burglarising a home.

In a report by The Mercury, a burglar who got stuck in a chimney in Melbourne, had to call the police to help him with his tight situation.

According to sources, the authorities were called at around 10:30 PM at the Lancefield pharmacy when an alarm went off. Not long after, they were then called to the same address by the man trapped in the chimney.

But the thing is, the man is not stuck on the chimney of his own house, but rather, the house of someone he is about to steal to.

The man was assessed for minor injuries first, but was then taken to the police station where he was charged with burglary and then bailed. He is set to appear at the Kyneton Magistrates’ Court on the 4th of February.

Other Ridiculous Arrests

Funny incidents such as these are nothing new to the police, as they have time and time again, encountered countless ridiculous reasons for arresting a perpetrator.

All around the world, these funny events have transpired such as a woman assaulting a man, not with a gun, not with a knife – but with a butter.

The woman alleged to have thrown butter at her roommate and got hit in the leg.

And if you thought throwing butter against someone is ridiculous, try a man from Florida who got arrested for throwing an alligator through a drive-thru window.

But the incident to top all incident – something more ridiculous than calling the cops for getting stuck in the chimney you’re burglarising – is a man. A naked man, breaking in a home naked, and then masturbated when the homeowner pulled a gun on him.

We guess that being a cop, is really tough.

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