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Melbourne Website Redesign Services now made very affordable and convenient for business owners.


Melbourne, Victoria  28 June 2016,

Global WebForce, a proudly owned Australian Website and Hosting company have launched a number of special offers for Melbourne based businesses that are looking to get their website redesigned locally with budget friendly pricing – all without compromising quality and with the specific goals in mind that come with the website redesign project.

“When business owners are looking for a potential company to have their website redesigned, business owners would want the best value for their resource that not only updates the look and feel of the website, but also make verifiable changes as upgrades over the existing website structure in order to cope with the fast changing customers who are now on mobile,” said Hitesh Parekh, the managing director of Global WebForce.

“We, the Global WebForce team believe that website redesign projects are more than enhancing the appearance of the website into a modern looking one, we believe that there is more in the actual website redesign project where it entails greater emphasis on business requirements meeting website feature / functionality enhancements.”

Website redesign projects are not to be taken lightly as business owners must allocate time and effort in determining the factors on why they are seeking to redesign the website. More than the user-interface layer, redesigning a website must address the following:


  • FunctionalityWhat are the functionalities missing from the current website that must be added to the envisioned website? Functionality of the website plays a key role in meeting business requirements for the new website.


  • User ExperienceThe look and feel of the website must be designed and updated to offer a much better browsing experience to customers over the old one. As years


  • Responsive DesignWith the still growing number of mobile based customers, responsive design for a website is no longer an option, but made a necessity to give out consistency of your website’s content to customers that are no longer restricted the desktop or laptops. Customers today are mostly on mobile and devises such as tablets.


  • Enhancing MarketabilityWith the progress of web technologies and the utility of digital marketing over the years since your last website update, a redesign ensures that your next website will be able to sustain and convert from your online marketing.


In planning your next website redesign project, information empowers and planning is essential in order for the project to be successful as base requirements and business fulfillment are carried when the website is redesigned. Global WebForce understands the importance of planning and knowing your website requirements for us to deliver a business website tailored fit for your business. Our of account managers, project managers, designers and developers place much emphasis in understanding your business and knowing your requirements to carefully manage and launch a highly successful website redesign project.

The challenges facing a business owner in starting a website redesign project which entails committing time, effort and resources – all of which addressed by the Global WebForce team in creating a website redesign experience by making the process relatively stress free; With our adeptness in managing the processes of information gathering, requirement scoping, design and development to project launch, our clients are well informed with the progress of the project as we take them along the project journey.

“A website redesign is an empowering business decision you can make today,” said Global WebForce managing director Hitesh Parekh. “Businesses across the years become successful when they are willing to make steps in charting their progress for growth. The same applies in principle for websites, where a website built five to ten years ago will not be commercially successful as it was back in the years.”

The Global WebForce team believes that there is more to a website redesign than just to update the look and feel. What constitutes a successful website redesign project is based on the principle of progress being made to the website as it adapts to the rapidly changing customer needs, behaviour, and the incorporated technologies built around the world wide web today. With Global WebForce’s Melbourne website redesign services, business owners around Melbourne will be able to manage their website end to end as each website we deliver is based on a powerful yet easy to use Content Management System (CMS) where business owners will be able to make changes to the website without having to consult or hire a programmer.

In catering to the increasingly mobile customer, the responsive design we deliver will allow seamless adaptability of the website to desktop, laptop and mobile devises ranging from smartphone and tablet devises.

For the budget conscious website owner, Global WebForce has made the website redesign project affordable with the launch of our flagship flexible playment options known as Flexipay – that grants business owners the financial flexibility to pay in 6 months, 12 months and 24 months for as low as $54 dollars a month.

Business owners in Melbourne and the surrounding areas can avail of the affordable and stress free website redesign offers by Global WebForce by visiting the website: As a limited time special offer, Global WebForce will build your website for FREE. If they LOVE what we proposed, that’s the only time they can choose to pay under our Flexipay program.

Interested business owners who are looking for the stress free website redesign experience call Global WebForce today 1300 77 88 62 or they can send an enquiry via email:





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