How Writing for Trendingpod Helps Your Writing Career Growth

November 09, 2015
Alice Ogilby

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You’ve done it. You have graduated. Armed with a degree in communication arts or journalism, you are ready to start your writing career.

But where do you start besides writing your very first resume and start job hunting? It starts with you. Your writing that have either published or self-published.

For starters, below are the possible writing materials that can get you started with your writing portfolio.


Personal BlogYour personal blog that you write for the sole reasons of leisure and life chronicle situated in either wordpress, blogger or other platforms is a good start. Have you attended events? What are your thoughts about the outstanding issues in society and your community? Did you write well enough to be found and motivate a friendly comment from a stranger? Keeping and maintaining a well written blog is your good start.


School PaperYour articles or short news on your school paper is one of the earliest writing references you can compile and file as a published reference. As you wrote news from high school to college, your news writing skill would have progressed as your skills in field observation, attention to detail and writing composition have improved as you gain more experience.


Pamphlet and BrochuresAs crazy as it sounds, writing pamphlets and brochures for free or for a very modest fee during your time in high school and college help as a reference. Sure, it differs from writing news for your school paper and your daily blog entries but it has commercial applications that may impress your future employer. Plus, pamphlet and brochure writing can be a good extra income during your school years. So the next time your aunt has started a bakeshop or a family friend is starting a business, you may as well volunteer for free as it can get you referrals for writing similar writing materials for a modest fee.


Wikipedia ContributionLove a particular show or a pop cultural reference? The hours you spend on researching and writing Wikipedia edits is considered a legitimate writing portfolio online. Being an editor, contributor for Wikipedia involves having the good research and writing skills basing on Wikipedia’s standards to adhere to. So if you have the time, impart a bit of your knowledge to the subject of your expertise on Wikipedia.


NewspapersEach newspaper has a dedicated space for comments, opinions and narrative about outstanding issues that they publish from the written materials of their readers. Submit your essay and it could get publish – will get published if you have written well enough. Select the topic about what you find relevant and feel passionate about. Give your honest thoughts in narrative then hit submit. Watch out for it. When it does get published, clip it out from the newspaper print or save the page URL as a bookmark as a writing reference.


Magazine SitesThere are online publications and online magazine sites that will actually pay you if your article is published. You get paid as compensation for your excellent writing and you get a valuable article published as a writing portfolio? Excited? Here are a couple of sites to start you off:



For non-profit websites:



We at Trendingpod also help nurture budding writers from aspiring news writers, creative writers and content writers by publishing and promoting their articles and essays to our growing publication reach and social followers. Our friendly editors help in mentoring young writers by diligently offering editorial advice, writing tips and giving resources in how they can improve their writing craft.

Other things to consider in writing for Trendingpod:


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Write What You Love and is Most Passionate AboutWriters are at their best when the subject involves their favorite subject and the stories that they are passionate about. Given those conditions, the creative writing flows freely just as the words come naturally – all expressed in their most creative intent. When writing for Trendingpod, you can write about the topics that interest you the most and when in your most creative state.


Writing PortfolioYour articles posted on Trendingpod is attributed to you whether you are a regular contributor, in-house writer or a guest writer. We’ll help your content become viral through cross-platform promotion. The wider the reach, the better for your exposure as we believe that each writer is a collection of stories that needs a bit of momentum and exposure for them to launch ahead.


 Diverse and Fun Topics – Trendingpod’s topics are constantly expanding as our collection of writers and contributor grows. More topics to choose from means you not only get to explore other topics of interest but also discover niche markets where you can expand your areas of focus. From


ExposureWe encourage writers to write what they love under their own time. Writing for a dynamic and publication basing on web trends and viral stories greatly enhances your writing’s reach – from re-blogging to social media. Your writing is catered and appeals to millennials, the current audience in which brands and advertisers are trying to reach; the same market in which publications are looking to hire to establish a connection through written and creative content.


We at Trendingpod want to help nurture and launch writing careers in today’s connected content through the web.

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