Huge Boobs Bouncing Around in Four Locations at London, U.K.

©2019 Tom Nicholson. 31/03/2019. London, UK. Femtech brand Elvie install five giant boobs across London’s skyline to start a social movement to change attitudes around breastfeeding and pumping in public. #freethefeed. Locations around Shoreditch, Hoxton and Columbia Road Flower Market. Photo credit : Tom Nicholson

Image Credit: Tom Nicholson via Huffington Post

If you’re in London, and happen to see huge boobs floating around, then we would like to tell you that you are not dreaming. IT’S ALL FOR REAL.

According to a news report by the Huffington Post, giant inflatable breasts have been bouncing around the city to coincide with Mother’s Day last Sunday, which aims to fight the stigma regarding breastfeeding and pumping milk in public.

The inflatable breasts, which are spread out in four locations, – Tanja’s Roof in East London, Neutral on Colombia Road, Ely’s Yard in Brick Lane, and Huntingdon Estate, Shoreditch – varies in size, shape and colour so as to embrace different kinds of boobs.

The campaign was the brainchild of Elvie, a femtech firm. Regarding its purpose, it said, “The #FreetheFeed campaign is an invitation to everyone to stand with all those women that have felt shamed or confined when breastfeeding or pumping.”

Additionally, its CEO, Tania Boler, said that “We know the giant boobs will raise a few eyebrows, but we want to make sure no one overlooks the way that this stigma has been used to repress women.”

Stigma Surrounding Breastfeeding

Despite breastfeeding the recommended and natural way of feeding newborn babies, it seems that there’s still a significant stigma surrounding it.

In a survey made earlier this year, one in three mothers who breastfed was forced to use the toilet at work just to express milk from their breasts.

As reported by Fox News, a survey of 2,000 women in a span of five years found out that women had to pump milk in unsuitable places such as the staff room, their car, or their desk, after having a baby.

These problems said to have resulted in about 30% of mothers stopping from breastfeeding, way earlier than they would prefer.

The campaign by Elvie aims to start conversations about how breastfeeding is normal, and in the long run, remove the “sexuality” surrounding the exposure of women’s breasts.

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