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Australian Actor John Jarratt, Known for Portraying a Psychopathic Killer, to Stand on Trial for Rape

Australian actor John Jarratt, known to worldwide audience as the psychopathic killer in the movie …


Beloved Saltwater Crocodile in Perth Zoo Dies

A 70-year old saltwater crocodile from Perth Zoo has died due to gastrointestinal issues. According …

Australian Surgeon Suspect

Australian Doctor Demands Tighter Hospital Security in Light of Recent Incident That Led to a Colleague’s Death from a Violent Patient

A neurosurgeon from Melbourne has clamoured for stronger security in hospitals to prevent further violent …

Shark Attack

Surfer Attacked by a Shark in Australia, The 6th Incident in Span of 2 Months

Surfer’s beware! A man who’s taking part in a surfing lesson in Australia’s east coast …

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Orders His Team to Use Only Android Phones

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has ordered all of his core management team to ditch the …


Australia’s Hot Debate: Which Goes First? The Onion or The Sausage?

Australian’s are furious at Bunning’s, a hardware chain who also happen to sell sausage sandwiches. …


Additional 5 New Life Hacks to Try if You’re Unethical

Life is already hard as it is, but there are many ways to make it …

Holding Hands

Six Tips to Make a Relationship Work – From a Guy’s Perspective

Being in a relationship is a lot of work. It’s a two-way dance folks, which …


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Teaser Trailer Released

With the conclusion of Naruto’s twentieth season from last year where Naruto and his allies …

Cloud computing

4 Business Applications that you can move to the Cloud today

  The move to the Cloud is on! In Computerworld’s 2015 forecast survey of IT …


WordPress CMS Advantages for Your Business Website

Small businesses can take advantage of Content Management Systems with WordPress as it presents many …