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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Steps Down as Oscars Host, Refuses to Apologize for Homophobic Tweets

After just days of announcing that he will be hosting the upcoming 2019 Academy Awards, …


Man Nicknamed ‘Shark Bait,’ Attacked by a Shark in New South Wales

Another day, another shark attack in New South Wales, Australia. In a report by, …


Sydney Peeping Tom Caught by Authorities After a Week of Search; Police Thanks the Community for Help

The Sydney Peeping Tom has been caught. After several top-offs from the public, the police …

Lakers vs Spurs

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Oddball Roster, Surprisingly Worked

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a roll. What many expected to be a lackluster, …

Baby its Cold Outside

‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Banned by U.S. Radio Stations for Being Too Rapey

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” has been banned by U.S. radio stations for being too rapey. …

Avengers 4

‘Avengers 4’ Trailer to Debut This Friday

The “Avengers 4” is almost here! Well the trailer at least, as the movie will …


Conor McGregor Trains with Son & Dad in Preparation for a Bout Against Dustin Poirier?

Conor McGregor may be currently suspended by the Las Vegas Athletic Commission from fighting, but …


After a 7-Year Absence, The McDonald’s McRib is Back in Australia

The McDonald’s McRib is back in Australia. After a seven-year hiatus, the most elusive and …

Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a reception at the Naval Observatory Residence marking the 16th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, in Washington, DC, September 22, 2010.
Official White House Photo by David Lienemann.

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Teases 2020 Plans, Declares He’s The ‘Most Qualified for The Job’

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden teases his plans for the 2020 election, and if …


Devoted Wife Murdered by Gay Husband to be With His Australian Lover

They say when you love someone, you will do everything you can to be with …

Burglar Kuhfuss Mask

Man Calls the Cops on a Burglar, But The Burglar is Himself

Who do you call in case you get in trouble? The police of course – …


$100,000 Doorstop: Rock Used as a Doorstop for Decades Turned Out to be Valuable Meteorite

You never really know what you will find lying around on your doorstep. In this …