First Polar Bear Cub in UK Makes Public Debut

Polar Bear

Adorable is all around as the United Kingdom’s first polar bear cub in 25 years took its first steps outside Wednesday. Visitors who want to take a look at the cub and its mom, Victoria, can go to Royal Zoological Society’s Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland. According to CNN, the polar bear cub was born in December.

During its debut, British TV crew was able to record its first steps under the watchful eyes of its mother. The adorable cub can be seen slowly walking from its den to the outside world to make its worldwide debut.

“Having spent four months in her maternity den, Victoria quickly took the chance to go outside. Understandably, her cub has been more cautious and is still getting used to new sights, smells and sounds,” said head zookeeper Una Richardson in a statement released on the zoo’s website.

“While the cub will become more confident and start to explore the large enclosure with Victoria, this will take time and they will always have access to their den for peace and quiet,” she added.

However, for those who want to see the cub, Richardson said that mother and baby will only be staying outside for a short time.

“There is no guarantee all of our visitors will see the cub at this early age but they may be lucky.”

Currently, the adorable cub has no name yet because park staff can only determine the gender when a health check-up is possible, which is seen to be April or May.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature said that there are only 26,000 left in the world, making them part of the watch list and considered as vulnerable species. Among the known causes of this are Climate change and the loss of sea ice since these factors, gravely affecting their natural habitat.

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