Kevin Spacey Might be Found ‘Not Guilty’ Says Criminal Defense Attorney

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Kevin Spacey might be guilty in the eyes of the public, but the court might find otherwise, as stated by a criminal defense attorney.

In an article piece for CNN, the disgraced actor is currently facing a series of trials for allegedly molesting a then 18-year-old busboy, when the actor had acted sexually without the boy’s consent.

However, Criminal Defense Attorney Joey Jackson stated that the prosecutor’s current case against Spacey is “inherently flawed.”

He said, “prosecutors, like defense attorneys, don’t choose the facts of their case: They inherit them. As in any case, it’s a lawyer’s ability to minimize detrimental facts while magnifying favorable ones that dictate the outcome. Here, prosecutors have a lot of work to do if they are to secure a conviction.”

Among the many things that the prosecutor would have to make sense, is why did the 18-year old busboy told Spacey that he was a 23-year-old college student, and why did he changed clothes and then return to the bar after his shift at the restaurant ended, to have drinks with the actor?

Moreover, the accuser’s actions during the alleged sexual assault would also be questioned,such as what are the steps he undertook to make it apparent that he is refusing the sexual advances.

According to sources, it seemed that during the time the accuser and the actor was having drinks, Spacey commented on his penis size, and touched his thigh. With this in mind, the jury will then question what did the accuser do to protest all these.

Rubbed The Wrong Way

Another controversial tidbit to this case is that the actor allegedly rubbed the accuser’s penis for three minutes – a very long moment.

Sources said that afterwards, the actor went up to use the restrooms, and the busboy left, in which Spacey texted him “I think we lost each other” that implies that the actor thinks the interaction is consensual.

With these in mind however, it is important to note that should the judge allow the jury to hear other sexual misconducts, it would inevitably result to Spacey having unfavourable views from the jury, similar to what happened to the Bill Cosby case.

The first trial concluded after 10 minutes, and Spacey have not commented a single word during its entire duration.

Image Credit: Video Screencap courtesy of CNN News

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