Oscar-Winner Robert De Niro Slams U.S. President Donald Trump in a Expletive-Filled Speech

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Robert De Niro clearly hates U.S. President Donald Trump.

In a speech filled with expletives, the Oscar-winning actor went on a tirade against Trump and called him “our baby-in-chief.” In fact, that’s pretty much the only thing he said that we can put in this article.

According to CNN, among other things, De Niro called the president, This f—— idiot is the president. It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes — the guy is a f—— fool … our baby-in-chief — the ‘J——-in-chief’ I call him.”

The speech, which was actually about presenting Meryl Streep for the award, took a bit of a sidetrack, when “The Godfather” actor decided to express his dismay to U.S. President Trump. Apart from his expletive-filled rant, he also mocked Trump for avoiding enlistment to military service due to “bone spurs.”

Moreover, he also discussed the current relationship of Trump with the media. He said, Just like in 1971, the press is distinguishing itself with brave, exacting journalism.” He further added “,the movie gave us glimpses of President Nixon as delusional, narcissistic, petty, vindictive, nasty and ——-crazy. Ah, the good old days.”



He eventually got over his Trump rant and went back to praising Streep for her bravery for speaking out against controversies.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that De Niro made a public and expletive-filled speech against President Trump, as he made a video back in 2016 during the U.S. Presidential Campaign, as reported by The Washington Post.

In the video, he called Trump, a “pig,” a “liar,” a “con,” and most of all, a “f—– idiot who does not know what to do.”

He made this video to encourage U.S. citizens to not vote for Donald Trump, citing that he is unfit to be president. However, it seemed that was not enough as Trump eventually became the 45th president of America.

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