Republican Former U.S. Senator Caught With Underage Boy in a Motel

Oklahoma Senator Investigation

In a rather unsurprising news, Ralph Shortey, a Republican former senator from Oklahoma was caught by the police with an underage male prostitute.

According to The Daily Mail, Shortey was caught in the Super 8 motel in Oklahoma, with a 17-year-old boy. Furthermore, Police also found a stash of marijuana. Sources reported that the cops were called by the boy’s parents.

The former state senator was found to have contacted the boy via Craigslist, through an ad. Later on, the two exchanged messages via Kik. Afterwards, the two met at the motel, where they were found by the police.

Sources indicated that it took actually several minutes before Shortey opened the door to the police.

The cops yelled at the door demanding it to be opened, with one even yelling “He’s 17!” in which the former Republican senator replied “OK.”

The cops then said “what do you mean ok? He’s 17!”

Reports said that the staunch conservative senator said that “I did not know that” and later asked the officers, “Can you show me that he’s only 17.”

The officer replied, “‘No I can’t but I can convince you that he is. I could put you in handcuffs and throw you in the back of a car.”

Shortey later on denied doing anything perverse and claimed that he and the boy were just hanging out. He said, “[We were] just hanging out, talking about life. He couldn’t graduate high school, and (I’m) trying to help him get his life on track,”

Ralph Shortey was a known conservative who frequently voted on bills that discriminate against members of the LGBT community, which includes a law that allows business owners to discriminate based on gender.

Shortey is currently in custody and awaiting his sentence, which could be life imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000.

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