All Star Injuries Rob NBA Fans of Opportunity to Witness Teams Duke it Out at 100 Percent

Andre Iguodala

The NBA Playoffs is riddled with injuries, which robs fans the chance to witness their favorite teams to duke it out – without any handicaps.

All four NBA teams who’s battling it out in their respective conference finals are not in full force. In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics is out with their All-Star players Kyrie Irving due to a knee operation, as well as Gordon Hayward who broke his leg earlier in the season.

For the Celtics’ case, the team managed to achieve an impressive playoff run, as they reached the conference finals, despite the absence of their stars even before the playoffs began.

The Celtics’ opponent, the Cleveland Cavaliers, does not have the services of their All-Star rebounder, and second scoring option, Kevin Love.

Heading on to Game 7, Love will be out due to a concussion, when he accidentally hit heads with Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum during the first quarter of Game 6, as reported by the NBA. Head coach Tyronn Lue then held a press conference saying that Love could still comeback, but it was dismissed later on.

Going now to the Western Conference, defending champions Golden State Warriors will likely head on to Game 7 without their elite defender Andre Iguodala. It will be the third consecutive game without Iggy, due to a bone bruise when he banged knees with Houston Rockets’ James Harden.

And speaking of the Rockets, the team will also miss an All Star of their own heading on to Game 7, as Chris Paul is currently listed as “Questionable” due to a hamstring injury. It was a rather mistimed injury for the All Star point guard, as he experienced the injury during the last moments of the game.

His playing is obviously missed, when the Warriors defeated the Rockets last game.

With all these injuries happening to the team’s All Star players, we will never see these teams slug it out at 100 percent.

Which is why it’s not surprising that both Conference Finals series reached a grueling game 7. It’s interesting to note that this is a first in a long time that both series reached a game 7.

Image Credit: Getty Images via Sporting News


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