Third R. Kelly Sex Tape Involving a Minor Handed Over to New York Authorities

R Kelly

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A new alleged R.Kelly sexual abuse tape has resurfaced, and has been turned over to the authorities.

According to, the tape allegedly showing the R&B singer abusing girls, has been passed on to the police by one of Gloria Allred’s clients.

The client who goes by Gary Dennis, said that he came about the tape while cleaning out a VHS collection he had for years.

Which leads us to ask what is that collection, and why does that collection contain sex acts done to a minor.

Mr. Dennis described the video as a man who seems to be R.Kelly, engaging in sexual acts with young girls. He added that the tape seems to have been made during the 90s, and the women in the videos appear underage and underdeveloped.

However, Mr. Dennis claims that he does not know the singer, or does not know where that tape came from. He is reported to be an assistant from a nursing home.

Claims Disputed

R.Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, have contested these claims for lack of certainty.

He said, “It is not him,” Greenberg said. He also said that Kelly “denies that he is on any tape with underaged girls.”

As per Complex, this is the third tape that got handed over to the authorities, where R.Kelly is engaging in sexual acts with underage women.

The first two were given to the Chicago police by prominent lawyer Michael Avenatti. The tapes were described as being “clear and explicit” proof of the singer’s behavior.

Kelly is currently facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse connected to three girls, and one woman. However, he has denied any wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty to these charges.

He was released on jail, where he had been held for failing to settle an overdue child support. He then paid more than U.S. $161,000 in settlement.

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