U.S. President Donald Trump Hit With a Sexual Misconduct Allegation


U.S. President Donald Trump can be impeached…via sexual misconduct allegations.

Despite currently dealing with the FBI due to allegations of conspiring with Russia during the U.S. Presidential Elections, Trump is now hit with a string of allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to a Business Insider report, the president’s lawyers are now preparing for a case in the New York Supreme Court, with a suit from Summer Zervos – a former contestant on “The Apprentice.”

Ms Zervos alleged that back in 2007; Trump “very aggressively” kissed her, groped her breasts and started to “thrust” his genitals at her, in a meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

According to Trump’s lawyers, they plan to argue that the he has immunity from a suit in a state court, as he is a current sitting president. However, the argument has a fatal hole, as former U.S. president Bill Clinton was tried during his presidency, wherein he was eventually impeached.

In fact, Susan Low Bloch, who’s an expert in U.S. constitutional law said that the Clinton case set a precedent to Trump’s argument. Back in 1997, the Supreme Court ruled that sitting presidents are not immune from civil-law litigation.

The Supreme Court’s decision specifically pertained to federal lawsuits, which made Trump’s legal team to argue that this particular case is different, as it was filed in the state court of New York.

Furthermore, the president’s legal team may also argue that Trump’s statements of referring to his accusers as liars must be treated as a “political speech,” making it protected from legal action.

But according to Bloch, Trump’s legal argument is difficult to win – unless they proved that Zervos is a limited public figure.

Back in July, Ms Zervos’ lawyer said that, “We believe that President Trump should be accountable for his statements. No one enjoys a license to defame based on power, wealth or privilege.”

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