U.S. Senator Al Franken Returns to Work After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Al Franken

U.S. Senator Al Franken is returning to work.

According to a Time report, the Minnesota senator spoke publicly for the first time, since laying low for eight days. The senator indicated that although he feels “ashamed and embarrassed” about the sexual harassment allegations against him, he intends still be effective and return to work in the congress.

Franken said, “I know I have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of the people I’ve let down, the people of Minnesota, my friends and colleagues, everyone who counts on me to be a champion for women,”

The Minnesota Star Tribune reported that the comedian-turned-politician is looking forward to getting back to work. However, many pundits are wondering if Franken can still be effective in his job, as he will now be forever haunted by the 11-year-old photo of him grinning and hovering his hands over an unconscious woman’s breasts.

In addition to that, a handful of women have also come out alleging that the senator groped their buttocks while taking their photos. However, Franken denied these allegations, saying that he has taken thousands and photos, which is why he does not remember the allegations.

He also added that grabbing or touching a woman’s backside is something he would “intentionally do.”

Franken said that, “I’m a warm person. I hug people.”

He also added, “Some women found my greeting or my embrace or hug for a photo inappropriate and I respect their feelings about that. … In recent days, I’ve been thinking about how that could happen and I just recognize that I need to be more careful and a lot more sensitive in these situations. I feel terrible that women have felt bad and I’m very sorry for that.”

Franken noted that he does not know if more women would come out with similar allegations, but has clarified that he apologizes if he made them feel uncomfortable.

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