Batwoman Getting a New Comic Series in 2017

October 18, 2016

batwoman rebirth

DC’s Rebirth is launching its second wave of new titles for next year and another member of the Bat family will be getting a new ongoing series.

First reported by the Hollywood Reporter and revealed during the New York Comic Con earlier this month, Batwoman aka Kate Kane will be getting a new comic series under the Rebirth brand.

In charge of Batwoman will be writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Steve Epting as the tandem will work in expanding Kate Kane’s story further into Gotham and the DC lore.

To kick-off Batwoman’s entry into the Rebirth line, Bennett will collaborate with artist James Tynion IV in delivering a two part arc titled Batwoman Begins in January 2017 which will follow a one-shot solo title: Batwoman Rebirth in February 2017 that serves as the formal launch pad of the new Batwoman ongoing series set for March 2017.

Kate Kane, a former soldier in the United States army before falling into the dark pits of depression, debauchery and vices was among the new wave of Gotham crime fighters that Batman helped influenced and established. Since her New 52 run that formally introduced Kate Kane’s lesbian sexuality, the new Batwoman series will delve deeper into her past.

Batwoman is among the key protagonist in Detective Comics where her blood relations to Bruce Wayne was firmly established and it was an empowering moment for Kane, who now trains and keeps in line the younger members of the Bat family.

The entry of Batwoman under Rebirth expands the Bat family series that already has Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood (Jason Todd) and the Outlaws and Detective Comics. The new series also joins Midnighter & Apollo in having an openly gay superheroes leading their own title.


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