Father Sells Rare ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Cards to Secure His Daughter’s Future


A parent always wants the best future that they can give to their children.

Let’s all be honest. Raising a kid is definitely not cheap, but rewarding. Seeing them grow up on who they want to be—and is able to be successful at it—is one of the best rewards a parent could ever receive. Some work two to three jobs just to make ends meet, while others resort to selling valuable stuff that is worth a fortune for the sake of their children. Just like what this father did for her daughter.

A father in Japan has sold his four Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards from the hit franchise ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ to pay for his daughter’s pre-school and at the same time have savings for her future.

Known as KnightMiyabi on Twitter, he was an owner of a rare print of the said card. Labelled as a “Secret Rare”, this edition of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a highly rare promo that was distributed during the Jump Festa held at Tokyo Dome in Japan way back in 2000. According to SoraNews24, only a thousand of it was printed.

Kotaku explained, citing Hachima, that each of the cards costs a whopping thousand dollars. And as proof, each one of the bills KnightMiyabi received, shown in the image below, is a 10,000 yen note or $88. However, he did not specify how much he really received and instead explained that someone who has an idea with the worth of rare cards won’t give one up for less than 600,000 yen or $5273.



The father’s decision came after seeing his daughter playing with his old cards—without the Blue-Eyes White Dragon ones, of course—and cried when he took it away from her. According to KnightMiyabi, he won’t be using the money to send his daughter to a prestigious high-ranking university, but will use it to send her to a nice kindergarten and at the same time save it to ensure her schooling along the way.


A lot of people commended KnightMiyabi for making the choice, saying that they were not even able to make such decision, while others praised him for doing it for his daughter. How about you, will you be able to make the decision?


Image Credit: KnightMiyabi via Twitter

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