New Avengers Comic Series in May 2018 Assembles the Heavyweight Members

February 22, 2018


It’s been a long time and many have waited for it but the Avengers are not only getting back its elite, heavy-weight members but it will also usher in a new publication identity for Marvel’s premiere team as writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness are releasing their creative team up with Avengers #1 that will release in May 2018.

Fans are no stranger to the rotating membership of the Avengers but in this latest roster, the Avengers are reuniting the trinity of Captain America, Iron-Man (Tony Stark) and Thor, the Odinson alongside traditional heavy-weights Black Panther, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Doctor Strange and a Hulk in Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk.

Avengers May 2018

With the new lineup, it remolds and recasts the once fragmented membership that was torn apart by the many event and narrative stories based on Marvel’s continuity. Thor Odinson will reclaim a new incarnation of Mjolnir after losing his ‘worthiness’ during the events of Original Sin where Jane Foster and her Mighty Thor run have since picked up the mantle. For Tony Stark, he has been a member of the Avengers during its All-New All-Different run before his supposedly demise during the events of Civil War II. Since then, Iron Heart aka Riri Williams have and a reformed Victor Von Doom have taken up the iron clad identity.

For Captain America, it is a long road towards redemption where Sam Wilson aka Captain America carried the mantle up until the conclusion of Secret Empire where a reality altering being in Kobik have not only altered history but also split Steve Rogers into two where we’ve seen Hydra Cap and Good O’l Steve decided the fate of the universe in a much awaited showdown at the conclusion of Secret Empire.

For Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers and Black Panther, they recently lead a cosmic based team in the Ultimates 1 and 2 where Galactus himself was retconned into a new cosmic role.

The assembled Avengers will continue the saga teased on Marvel Legacy where mysteries and adventure through time awaits as writer Jason Aaron, (via IGN) teased the return of the Avengers 1,000,000 BC lineup that was first introduced during the Marvel Legacy one-shot publication.

While so many events have reshaped each member, the new lineup is a fresh salute to the glory days of the Avengers but expect tensions to happen in the core composition of the team lineup where Iron Man and Captain Marvel each lead a warring faction over the notion of justice during Civil War II.

The Marvel Legacy era is ending in May where Marvel’s “Fresh Start” will once again introduce a starting point to new comic readers with the revamped lineup. Currently, the Avengers run of No Surrender will conclude its 18 issue run in mid-April.

For Free Comic Book Day 2018, Marvel will release an Avengers primer in Avengers FCBD alongside Captain America FCBD. So far, no creative team were announced.


Expect Avengers #1 in May.

Images courtesy of Marvel Comics


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