Desperate Crayfish Makes Great Escape from Hotpot Demise


Meanwhile, in China, a desperate crayfish made its escape from being cooked by removing one of its claws.

As seen in the video posted by social media user Jiuke, the quick-thinking crustacean was seen gripping at the edge of the pot in a restaurant in China. While being cooked alive to be eaten by diners later, its survival instincts kicked and broke free from its demise from a boiling pot of spicy soup by using its right claw to remove the left one.

Posted on the popular Chinese platform Weibo, the video has garnered more than a million views and has now spread like wildfire, being picked up by different news outlets. Now, the crayfish has a new home as it was adopted as a pet by the said diner.

The post on Weibo has received a lot of comments as they support and applaud the brave crayfish, saying to  “let him go” and “don’t eat him, seeing how hard he’s trying to survive”, according to a report on the Taiwan News website.

Jiuke told Taiwan News: “I let him live, I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium.”

Meanwhile, for those concerned about the missing limb and its well-being, Marine experts said crayfishes can regenerate its limbs, the Daily Mail reported. The Daily Mail also cited an example, the pregnant lobster that lost all both claws and four legs, which was able to regrow the lost limbs and claws as well.

Image Credit: Jiuke via Metro

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