Capcom Director Hideaki Itsuno to Announce New Game this 2017


It’s the new year and gamers have plenty to look forward to from studios. In the coming months, game developers will be filling us with teasers, announcements and showcase for games lined up this year and the years ahead.

Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno, a senior director who produced chaired Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry 4 and the open world RPG Dragon’s Dogma, came out of seclusion and teased a new Capcom game to be released this year.

Currently, there are only speculations in which Itsuno will reveal but fans of Dragon’s Dogma are wishful for a sequel. For the Devil May Cry series, gaming insiders suggested that the title is still long off as Capcom’s production team for the franchise are still evaluating the next direction of the franchise. Classics such as Power Stone and Power Stone 2 are also being speculated to see the next installment.


Among the titles expected from Capcom this year is Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

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