More Pokémon Go Events Postponed After Disastrous Fest

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Niantic announced this weekend that a number of Pokémon Go events scheduled to start in Europe this month has been postponed due to the problems that arose during an earlier Pokémon Go Fest, as reported by Polygon. The developer said they are pushing Europe’s planned official Safari Zone events further this fall.

“In order to guarantee the best possible gameplay experience for European Trainers, we have decided to postpone the events in Europe scheduled for August 5 (Copenhagen and Prague) and August 12 (Stockholm and Amsterdam) until a date later in the Fall,” according to a post by the developer on their blog, as quoted by Polygon. But, other fests, which are going to be held in Japan in mid-August, will still push through. Same goes for Safari Zone events that will be held in France, Spain, and Germany this September.

Even though the events have been postponed in Europe, according to the blog, players can still have a chance to catch rare Pokémon as compensation.

“As a special surprise, we understand that some Pokémon that are rarely seen in Europe will be appearing soon in certain European cities for a brief time. Keep your eyes peeled!”

Although Niantic was mum about the issue and did not mention anything about it on their post, poor reception during the Pokémon Go fest could have been a factor in the decision to reschedule. During their last event in Chicago, several bugs and connection issues kept thousands of attendees to stand under the blistering sun as they can’t play the game. Some annoyed attendees even filed a lawsuit against Niantic due to the problems they encountered. The said case is currently pending in the Illinois circuit court.

The said disaster led Niantic to offer $100 in-game currency to all ticket holders. The developer also offered refunds for everyone’s wristbands, which cost $20 each.

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