Tekken 7 Mined Data Offers Clues to Upcoming DLC

June 06, 2017

Tekken DLC Swimsuit

The release of the seventh installment of Bandai / Namco’s multi-million hitting franchise Tekken 7 was met with smashing reviews for its smooth frame and the incredible details on graphics. With every release of the game come the investigative data miners and according to a leaked source from the game’s data mined information, a number of Downloadable Content (DLCs) is coming up.

According to the information disclosed by Wccftech, the PC version of Tekken 7 yielded codes that point clues to the nature of the DLCs being planned.

Two Future DLC Characters

According to the mined data, two future DLC guest characters are up for purchase. While there are names on who might these characters are, the codes suggest that both future characters will have special meters being sported by Akuma and Eliza.

DLC Costumes

To add to the existing wardrobes of our characters are DLC costume packs that will feature Schoolgirl and Swimsuit sets that will most likely be up for the majority of the ladies of Tekken.

Tekken Bowl

Another set of codes reveal that a new game mode will be up as a DLC. The codes point to the classic mode of Tekken Bowl where characters are treated to a bowling mini-game. While others may argue that Tekken Bown should have been added as vanilla to the original game, those good ol days are gone especially in the age of add-ons outfitted with price tags.

At the moment, the codes do not hold information on when will these DLCs be officially released. We will just have to wait for the official announcement from Bandai / Namco.

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