‘Justice League’ Movie Premiere Showdown: Who Among The Superheroes Rocked The Best Outfit?



The “Justice League” movie premiere just concluded and its main cast is in full attendance.

The superhero team up movie is already garnering positive buzz, but apart from the film itself, their evening wear was also a real winner – with some losses.

An article from GQ provided a very good breakdown of the stars’ outfits, from Ezra Miller to Ben Affleck.


The Letdowns

First things first, let’s discuss those who might have missed the mark – Ezra Miller aka “The Flash,” and Henry Cavill as the “Superman” himself. Both men decided to rock three-piece outfits, but instead of coming out as elegant, it seems rather costume-y.

Take for example, Ezra’s long coat, which he decided to pair with combat boots, a blue vest and a red pocket square. He seems like a character from an Alexander Dumas’ novel, wherein he’ll whip out his sabre anytime now.

As for Cavill, though it’s a bit more reserved compared to Ezra, it steel (get it? get it?) feels like he’s about to mix some alcoholic drinks, though maybe that’s just his mustache.


henry-cavill-justice-league      ezra-miller-justice-league

        Henry Cavill                                                                       Ezra Miller


Safety – Done in Style

“Cyborg” Ray Fisher and “Aquaman” Jason Momoa had a safer and more subdued approach, yet still managed to evoke style. Momoa, who’s also known for playing “Game of Thrones” Khal Drogo, took advantage of his rugged looks and rocked a navy suit with boots, messy hair and some manly rings.

As for Fisher, he donned an all-black suit, which may be too safe, but still looked elegant and stylish.


jason-momoa-justice-league          ray-fisher-justice-league

      Jason Momoa in Valentino with Lisa Bonet                      Ray Fisher


Ding! Ding! Ding! We Have a Winner!


However, the real winner of the night here may be “The Batman” himself – Ben Affleck.

Though the actor isn’t really known for being sartorial-savvy, he arrived at the premiere looking like the billionaire he is playing in the movie. Wearing a semi-slim navy suit, a blue shirt, a black and gray tie, and then pairing it with a brown oxford, it’s a classic “suited up” look which really complemented the actor.

In conclusion, if the movie can be as great as the outfits of the main cast of “Justice League,” then it seems we will finally get the DCEU movie we’ve been waiting for.

Image Credit: GQ




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