Marvel Cinematic Universe Expanding to Include the X-Men, Fantastic 4 and Deadpool

December 15, 2017

MCU Fantastic Four & X-Men

Two weeks ago, Disney and Fox re-opened the negotiation table for a mega acquisition where Disney was slated to buy a significant portion of Fox’s assets ranging from media to its studio properties. Today, Walt Disney has announced the completion of the deal where the company has bought over assets worth $52.4 billion in total.

The move is seen to further strengthen Disney’s video-streaming, television and cinematic businesses as Fox will relinquish control of their Twentieth Century Fox film studio, television studios and the company’s international and cable TV businesses.

For the Marvel Cinematic Universe under Disney, CEO Bog Iger was quoted by CBR that the cinematic franchise will expand its properties in welcoming back the X-Men, Deadpool and finally, the Fantastic Four where these properties experienced a success under Fox with the earnings and great reception towards Deadpool and Logan.

“We’re also looking forward to expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool,” said Iger.

Two Cinematic Universe under One Umbrella

There were questions whether Disney will reboot the Marvel properties under Fox but for now, reports state that Disney is on track in continuing the direction of the X-Men and Deadpool where X:Men Supernova and Deadpool 2 are due for theater release next year.

With such plan, Marvel has two distinct Cinematic Universes where first there is the Avengers lead universe and the other is inhibited by the X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four.

However, fans will have to be patient whether the mutants and Deadpool will lend a hand against Thanos in the near future as these two distinct universes under Marvel remain separate – divided under the layers of film, television and streaming services under Netflix, Hulu among others.

For Deadpool and Ryan Renolds, Disney confirmed that the Merc with the mouth can still remain R-rated given its success with the application of graphic violence and sexuality.

The Future of the MCU

The future remains unclear if the Avengers universe will inch closer to the X-Men or even if the two cinematic universes will collide or team up. If we follow the MCU’s layered universe, the heroes and villains in the film share a common universe with references but never get to actually team despite a number of guest stars crossing over and a bit of film event ramifications spill down to the television and Netflix.

For fans, it is re-assuring that the Fantastic Four will be up for a revival after two misfired incarnations under Fox while the X-Men and Deadpool are right back at home.

With the reports that Kevin Feige is beyond excited to lead the direction of theses former Fox properties, expect Disney and Marvel to weave their inter-connected magic in Phase 4, after Infinity War and Avengers 4.

Image courtesy of Marvel


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