The Nightmare Before Christmas is Getting a Manga Sequel

Night before christmas

After nearly 25 years (of waiting and praying), the classic animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas will be getting a sequel. Fans will now be getting a continuation of Jack Skellington’s story, however, in a different format from before. The Nightmare Before Christmas sequel will be a manga instead.

The animated movie was spearheaded by big time figures in the movie industry since it was directed by Henry Selick and produced by Tim Burton.  According to Screen Rant, The movie was released way back in 1993 and became a blockbuster hit, with $76 million earnings, thus over passing the $18 million budget. The movie was, of course, perfect for the family across all ages. Its stop motion nature has captured the hearts of fans, making the movie a Christmas or Halloween go-to movie for those who grew up watching it.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Tokyopop is set to publish the movie’s sequel, with the title Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey. The sequel will focus on the story of Jack’s dog as he gets lost within and finds the way out in Christmas Town. DJ Milky will be writing the comics, while Studio DICE—the ones responsible for Beauty and the Beast’s art—will create the art. Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey followed a prior manga released last fall, which was also a previous manga adaptation of the movie released by Tokyopop.

Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter / Tokyopop

However, The Hollywood Reporter added that the format of the manga is unusual for Tokyopop. It will be first serialized as a full-colored single issue, which will be released in comic book stores, before becoming into two different formats: full-colored trade paperbacks and black and white “pocket-sized manga” volumes.

Meanwhile, Zero’s Journey is set to be released in spring of 2018, and more information is also going to be revealed in the coming months.

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