Sony Confirms Arrival of Neko Atsume to PlayStation VR


The 2D cat-collecting mobile game will now have a new platform.

Neko Atsume, a game loved by millions around the world, is making its way to PlayStation VR in 2018.

During Sony’s conference at Tokyo Game Show last September 19, the electronics company confirmed that there will be a VR experience for the beloved cat-collecting game. However, Sony did not divulge any more details except the confirmation, image, and the said release date. There was also a post on Twitter showing the logo of Neko Atusme with the VR letters at the end, hinting that Hit-Point is involved with the project.



Neko Atsume kicked off in 2014 on both the iOS and Android, and was then released in English in 2015. The game revolves around leaving food for cats that will eventually come to the house and leave players with unique presents. This lovable and adorable cat-collecting game features a cartoon-style art and a huge load of different cats, ranging from cats as baseball players, butlers, ninjas, police officers, and more.

2017 has a lot in store for Neko Atsume as Hit-Point released a live action movie adaptation of the game earlier this year, which will now have a DVD and Blu-Ray release in Japan next month.

Neko Atsume would be a cute addition to the titles available to the PlayStation VR. Sony not only announced this game, but also other titles as well for the platform. Among these new titles are Zone of the Enders title called Anubis Mars and ZOE, which is bundled with a demo for Metal Gear Solid 2.

Moreover, not only game titles were to be included in the platform, it was also revealed that The Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper, will be creating an app for the PlayStation VR. This app will provide 360-degree video content, which is same with other newspaper apps that dived into VR technology, such as how The New York Times did on mobile VR headsets.


Image Credit: Mashable

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