Boomers Player Pool Named for February 2018 FIBA WC 2nd Qualifier Window

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As the race for the NBL playoffs is peaking right beside the summer season, the NBL will take a week off to make way for the second window of the FIBA WC Asian Qualifiers in February 2018 next month.

In preparation of the second qualifying games, Basketball Australia has named a new national player pool for the Boomers.

Boomers Player Pool for February 2018 2nd FIBA WC Window

David Andersen – Melbourne United

Todd Blanchfield – Sydney Kings

Angust Brandt – Perth Wildcats

Jason Cadee – Sydney Kings

Mitch Creek – Adelaide 36ers

Anthony Drmic – Adelaide 36ers

Adam Gibson – Brisbane Bullets

Cam Gliddon – Cairns Taipans

Chris Goulding – Melbourne United

Matt Hodgson – Adelaide 36ers

Isaac Humphries – Sydney Kings

Daniel Johnson – Adelaide 36ers

Nick Kay – Illawarra Hawks

Daniel Kickert – Brisbane Bullets

Kevin Lisch – Sydney Kings

Alex Loughton – Cairns Taipans

Damian Martin – Perth Wildcats

Mitch McCarron – Cairns Taipans

Brad Newley – Sydney Kings

Mitch Norton – Illawarra Hawks

Nathan Sobey – Adelaide 36ers

Clint Steindl – Perth Wildcats

Jesse Wagstaff – Perth Wildcats

Lucas Walker – Perth Wildcats


The Boomers remained undefeated in their venture into Asia as they handily beat Chinese Taipei 104-66 and Japan 82-58 as they swept the first window of the Asian qualifiers.

For the second window, the Boomers are set to host the visiting Philippine national team in Melbourne’s Margaret court arena on 22 February and then Chinese Taipei on 25 February 2018.

Boomers head coach Andrei Lemanis is not letting up on the two lopsided victories from November last year as the mentor is eager for the Boomers to remain unbeaten.

“The squad is selected in order to give us the best opportunity for success for the upcoming games,” said Andrej Lemanis.

“Continuity is important in the team, especially with the limited preparation time in the FIBA qualification windows. This is why the Asia Cup campaign was so important- it was there that we had the opportunity to build on who we are as a team and having a core group of those players available for each of the windows is key.

“In addition, current NBL form is taken into consideration, as is past performance at international level, injury status and the unique challenges of the upcoming opponents. We are fortunate to have such a depth of talent in the NBL and as always, that means some good players miss out.”

With regards to continuity, the standouts from last year’s Asian Cup and first window campaign are back as Mitch Creek, Jason Cadee, Daniel Kickert and Chris Goulding are back.

Expect coach Lemanis to name the final twelve squad within days leading to the second window games.

Image courtesy of FIBA

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