Cleveland Cavaliers Shakes The NBA Landscape With Major Moves on The Trade Deadline

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have shaken up the NBA landscape with its trade deadline moves – all without losing LeBron James.

According to ESPN‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Cavs have sent Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Los Angeles Lakers, for Filipino guard Jordan Clarkson, and high-flying forward Larry Nance Jr.

Moreover, the Cavs also traded 2011 MVP Derrick Rose to the Utah Jazz, along with forward Jae Crowder for Rodney Hood. And that doesn’t stop there. The Land also traded Iman Shumpert to the Sacramento Kings, in return to George Hill.

And lastly, Dywane Wade is making a triumphant return to the Miami Heat, in exchange for a protected second round pick.

Apparently, the Cavs have completely retooled their roster, all without sacrificing their supposed core players. This is a completely different team, than the ones we saw last January where they have fumbled a handful of crucial games.

This trade shakeup would be an exciting and interesting watch, as its previous roster was considered one of the oldest in the league. And now, they have refreshed with younger players that can provide fresher legs and energy.

In fact, many sports journalists are already excited and even declared that the Cavaliers are contenders again due to the move, as reported by

According to sources, the move can be considered a win for all parties, as all major players who’s part of the trade got what they want, or what they needed.

For Isaiah Thomas, the change of scenery is needed, as it seemed he did not enjoy his stay in the Cavaliers. A ball dominant player, Thomas was relegated to a catch-and-shoot player as LeBron usually directs the play.

For Derrick Rose, the Utah Jazz who received him via trade is reportedly going to waive him to allow the former MVP to sign with a playoff contender, preferably the Minnesota Timberwolves as reported by

And lastly, Dywane Wade is reuniting with the team that drafted him, and according to reports, Miami’s head honcho Pat Riley is ecstatic to have his former franchise player back.

In conclusion, after seemingly lackluster trades happening leading up to today, the NBA trade deadline shocked the sports world – all because of one team.

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