UFC Fight Night 148: Anthony Pettis Hands Stephen Thompson His First KO Loss

Thompson vs Pettis

Image Credit: Screencap from YouTube via UFC

The UFC Fight Night 148 concluded. And it was phenomenal, thanks to the main event fight of Anthony Pettis vs Stephen Thompson.

In a report by Fox Sports, it’s arguably the best knockout of ANY FIGHT MATCH this year.

It was a surprising finish to say the least, as “Wonderboy” Thompson dominated the entire fight. Unfortunately, all of it are for nothing, as “Showtime” managed to land the devastating punch that sent Thompson to the canvas.

While on the ground, Pettis continued to pummel him to make sure that the job was done, and lo and behold, the referee stopped the fight, resulting to his victory.

Welcome to The Three-Division Winner Club

With the win from Thompson, Pettis joins the rare company of fighters in the UFC, who have won in more than two divisions.

Pettis got accepted when he won in the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight divisions, joining fighters Kenny Florian, and “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, with the later congratulating him for the feat.

The controversial UFC star went to Twitter to express his congratulations and said, “Welcome to the club and congratulations. Now who f****** wants it?”

Thompson Reacts to His Loss

As per Forbes, Thompson reacted to his loss through his Facebook page and said, “I was piecing him up with the jab.”

He added, “I was trying to break his arms with the roundhouse kick. I guess the sidekicks, I switched over too much. His punches were slow. The heck? I don’t remember anything. Next thing I knew I was in the back wondering what happened.”

Indeed, Thompson did dominate the fight, and used all his advantages (including his length) to secure a win. Unfortunately for him, Pettis’ definitive punch caught him by surprise, thereby handing him his first loss via knockout.

He said, “After 80 fights I’ve never been KO’d – this time by a small guy, I can’t believe he got me with the Superman punch. Golly. Superman off the cage. It was so ninja I didn’t even see it coming.”

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