Square Enix Announced More Details of The Dia Horizon Project

Dia Horizon

The project is said to involve a game, manga, web anime, and novel.

During a live streaming program on Friday, Square Enix announced more information about their multimedia project Dia Horizon. Moreover, the project website updated that the project will have different adaptations: game, manga, web anime, and novel, as reported by Anime News Network.

The Dia Horizon smartphone game is scheduled to be released this summer on both iOS and Android devices. Even though the game is not yet released, the pre-registration period is now open. For players who have registered before the release, they will receive in-game items. However, the in-game items will depend on how many people pre-register.



Regarding the manga, a four-panel manga is already up on the website with three installments currently available, while the website listed there are still nine more installments that are “coming soon”. Moreover, a separate manga will be released in Square Enix’s Manga UP! app on August 6.

Meanwhile, the web anime will debut on the website in mid-August.

The light novel, on the other hand, already released its prologue on Friday. Written by Ghost Mikawa, the alternate world fantasy novel Dia Horizon ~Akatsuki no Keiyakusha~ (Dia Horizon: Dawn’s Contractee) is being serialized on Kadokawa’s Kakuyomu website.

A 10-minute radio program for the project is scheduled to launch on the A&G Request Hour Asumi Kana no Kimimachi! radio program on August 6. Expected guests will be Aimi Tanaka, the voice of Sophie, and Yū Serizawa, the voice of Rete.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Dia Horizon’s official website announced that they are offering the “Party Zenmetsu Challenge” game. This game consists of different tasks for players to do. Players who are able to defeat at least 20 enemies in a row can share their results on Twitter will be eligible to have a chance to win 1,000,000 yen (estimated US$9,000) in cash. The campaign will run starting Friday until August 27.

Square Enix announced the project on Tuesday and revealed that the first part wull be a television anime that will premiere in October. When it was announced, the project was promoted with a promotional video that introduces the story.



Anime News Network provided a translation of the text and dialogue:

What is beyond the farthest horizon?

The final sea

Death… Hope…


The girl who carried the furthest secret by birth.

For the girl… dreaming and living freely was not allowed.

A word like freedom was nothing but longing.

She was made to live in a closed and narrow world.

Even dying and living were chosen by someone.

So I thought.

If it’s that we were given only poor scenarios from God,

I want to share death with you, not someone.

I want to give half my life to her.

Even if it was sharing death.

That’s why I’ll walk with you.

Beyond that horizon.

We met and shared two lives with one death.

According to Anime News Network, Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda described the Dia Horizon project as “a new experiment and ambitious work”, while Square Enix director Keiji Honda described it as a “heartrending story of the wavering feelings of adolescence.”

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