CW Developing a Dark Fantasy Sabrina Teenage Witch Series

the chilling adventures of sabrina cw tv series

With the success of Riverdale, a dark and modern reimagining of Archie Comics set in the fictional town of Riverdale, CW will be exploring other properties of Archie. One of the property with a cult following (pun intended) that has received some clamor is Sabrina, a teenage witch who often interacts with Archie and the gang.

CW has heard the dark prayers of Sabrina’s thralls and according to the Hollywood Reporter, the network is developing the pilot season of Sabrina that will be heavily influenced from the dark comic adaptation of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina alongside popular imprints such as Afterlife with Archie and Jughead: The Hunger that transformed Riverdale’s favorite food muncher into a ravenous werewolf.

In the comics, the success of Afterlife with Archie spawned the horrific retelling of Sabrina. This time, Riverdale’s success with a second season coming soon has also launched Sabrina towards the dark mainstream fantasy.

The ongoing series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a dark fantasy retelling of Sabrina’s witchcraft – complete with satanic ties, human sacrifice and depiction of gore. It is a dark and alluring fantasy read that is filled with suspense and doom foreboding elements built on horror.

The Sabrina is described as a “companion” to Riverdale set for 2018 but it is unclear if the show’s dark magical universe is set in the grounded confines of Riverdale. If the series will take heavy material from the Sabrina imprint, expect this magical series to be darker than Riverdale. It will not be like the good-hearted comedy of Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch during its 90s run. Expect this one to be macabre if drawn heavily from the imprint’s source material.

For fans of Riverdale who do not follow the comics, they can check out the ongoing Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics series. It is intensely gratifying and is a guilty escape.

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