CW Renews Riverdale For Season Two

riverdale season two cast

When Riverdale was announced, people were surprised at the dark turn and reimagining of the popular Archie comics series into TV. Fast forward into the middle of the first season of Riverdale, the show has received mixed reactions. Some were delighted and instantly hooked at the dark allure of the small-town teen drama while others were turned away from the dark narrative of the show. “Not my Archiekins!” some would holler at social media.

Love the show or not, Riverdale and its cast will be returning for a second season and ready to bridge and open up more plot drama from its core characters.

The show has averaged 1.16 million views per week with 0.4 rating within the 18-49 years demographic in the CW network, best known for Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash and others.

With a deal with Netflix, Riverdale will stream with a complete season – after a week that the current season concludes.

Are you looking forward to Riverdale season two?

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