Netflix Animated Castlevania Series Teaser Trailer Releases

castlevania netflix animated series australia

Fans of Castlevania, rejoice in bloody fashion as the animated series on Netflix has arrived and it is sates the blood and gore of the multi-million videogame franchise.

Bravo Netflix for rekindling the old-school gaming spirit with a salute in the form of a retro Nintendo console and cartridge running on a square boob tube. With that intermission, the narrative unfolds as we sink in to the horrifying world of vampires and the dark and alluring mythos of Castlevania.

In the trailer we see the age old struggle of slayer and the beasts that ravage the land. We see the protagonist and the antagonist; Dracula himself in his glorious gothic blonde.

If the trailer does not sate your lust for the enthralling charm of Castlevania, fret not your shaken spirit as according to Netflix, the animated series will be available for a binge feast in July 7, 2017.



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