‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Trailer Debuts! [WATCH] in All Its Glory Here!


Things are about to get…STRANGE!

I’m sorry but we had to make that joke, as the trailer for the new season of “Stranger Things” is here!

As per CNN Entertainment, Netflix dropped an almost three-minute trailer for “Stranger Things” Season 3, and you’ll definitely reminisce about the good times you had during the 80s, even if you weren’t born yet.

Judging by the song along, which was the 1985 Mötley Crüe song “Home Sweet Home,” it will be a nostalgia fest, and an indication that a year has passed since the conclusion of the show’s second season.

According to sources, this new season will take place at the 4th of July, but given the nature of their predicament, it won’t be a normal Independence Day celebration.

Puberty is The New Enemy

But apart from monsters from the “Upside Down,” it seems that the kids have a new enemy to face, as Mike’s character have said “we’re not kids anymore.”

Mike then went on to say, “I mean what did you think, we’re just gonna sit in my basement all day and play games for the rest of our lives?”

And as he said, we see the kids of “Stranger Things” a little bit older, and on the cusp of puberty – a time of great change for young people.

It is interesting to see how will the show handle science fiction and puberty on an 80s backdrop, and will it still be as good as the first two seasons.

When the show bursted to the scene three years ago, it became a cultural phenomenon thanks to its accurate portrayal of 80s life in a small town.

It also was praised for its homage to 80s hit movies from Steven Spielberg, to John Carpenter.

“Stranger Things” Season 3 will make its worldwide premiere at Netflix, on July 4 2019. Watch the glorious trailer below!

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