PLAY at Okada Indoor Children’s Playground Opens to the Public

Okada Kids Club 1a

Built by iREC Powered by IPLAYCO

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February 10, 2018 Pasay City Manila, Philippines – Okada, Manila’s premiere luxury entertainment and resort, has launched PLAY at Okada, the biggest and most immersive indoor playground for children in the country to date.

PLAY is an acronym for “Purposeful Learning and Activities for the Young”, PLAY features eight specialized areas that encompass adventure, leisure, play time, pretend play and fun-based learning. All of these areas are designed to spark children’s’ imaginations, stimulate their minds and provide valuable interactive play experiences for their bodies:

Wizard’s Den – An immersive virtual-reality game where children play the role of wizards or sorceress in order to go on a mystical adventure.

Mini Steps and Mini Me – Made especially for babies and toddlers, the Mini Steps area incorporates interactive flooring where toddlers can learn and have fun while the Mini Me section offers a full-scale indoor playground complete with seesaws, tumbling cubes and amazing ball pit.

Little Town – The Little Town is iREC’s signature My Village playtown that offers a miniature township where children can take pretend play to the next level through interactive role playing across the miniature town that includes a variety of buildings and shops found in a typical village.

Little Park – In the little park, kids can get active, play mini sports and have fun with activities such as wall-climbing, mini zipline and other fun physical activities.

Sports Zone – Love sports? Kids can shoot some hoops like Stephen Curry or score goals like Lionel Messi in the Sports Zone where children can discover their love for sports.

Janguru – Recommended for children above 8 years old, the Janguru is an adventure place where children can have fun while exploring the maze, trek through tunnels, tackle obstacle courses and enjoy multiple slides.

The Stage – In The Stage, children can express their musical talents through acting, dancing and singing through the area’s high-quality sound system and built-in stage.

My Party Place – PLAY at Okada now accepts birthday celebrations in the My Party Place area. It is perfect for their special day with an unforgettable birthday bash.

The staff assigned to manage and interact with guest children are all licensed professionals with specialized training based on children’s learning and development. This naturally enhances the quality of the interaction with the guests, making PLAY an area for not only fun but also for learning new things and improving childrens’ social skills.

Built by iREC and Powered by IPLAYCO, PLAY at Okada is among the finest children’s indoor playground in Asia and among the best that iREC corporation has built to date.

Designed as a vast indoor play area with specialty sections, Okada harnessed iREC’s creative expertise in planning, designing, engineering and installation of the playground from conceptualization to manufacturing to completion.

Each element in the playground was meticulously crafted using top quality materials for enhanced durability. When it comes to play safety, PLAY at Okada was tested by iREC’s on-site technicians with the highest regard for international play safety. The facility also has a built in surveillance system and round the clock security from fully trained personnel, making PLAY a very safe play experience for all children.

Let your children experience a world-class play area by visiting PLAY at Okada. Play is located in the coral wing of Okada, New Seaside Dr, Parañaque, 1701 Metro Manila. The facility is open 10:00 am to 10:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 10:00 am to 12:00 pm from Friday to Saturday.

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