Scarves for a Cause: A Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

November 29, 2017


Christmas is just around the corner! With heartwarming Christmas carols filling the air and festive decors spreading the Christmas joy everywhere, a few must-haves usually come to mind: gift ideas, bazaars to rummage and donating to a cause. After all, it is the season of giving.

Yes to Bazaars

People love going to bazaars because it’s like a big treasure hunt – a bargain hunter’s paradise for most shoppers, while others are just as happy finding unique pieces. If you are a huge fan of scarves or looking to find stylish scarves for a special someone, bazaars are a good place to go. And if you want some chic scarves that support a good cause, check out Amazing Hope Scarves.


Why Amazing Hope Scarves

Amazing Hope Scarves is an NGO and a livelihood project started by Darlene Pridmore in 2010 as an aid to provide jobs for marginalized street women of Manila. By teaching these women how to hand-knit scarves at home, they are able to provide basic needs for their families. Some of these women are single moms and used to live on the streets with limited or less respectable alternative means of making money and to buy food. Today, with the sales of these incredible scarves these women no longer roam the streets with their kids looking for food or a place to sleep at night.

“Amazing Hope Scarves has not only taught these women a new skill of making beautiful scarves, but has changed their lives around completely by empowering them to be self confident, have self worth and have gained the respect from their community. The work these women do is of an expert level of knitting with material imported from Italy or Turkey”

–Darlene Pridmore,
Amazing Hope Scarves
Founder, Creator and Designer

Stylish Neck Scarves to Tie On Now

Where collars and necklaces fail to give oomph to your OOTD, scarves are filling in as a hot new accessory to elevate your look. Amazing Hope Scarves come in over 80 different colors in 4 traditional designs:

  • Amazing scarf – triangle shape
  • Elegant Scarf – rectangular shape
  • Infinity scarf – complete circle shape
  • Accent – small, rectangular shape


 12 Ways to Wear Amazing Hope Scarves


image 1-2

image 3-4

image 9-10

image 11-12

image 7-8

image 5-6


Bazaar Schedule

To get one of these lovely scarves, drop by at:

Legazpi Sunday Market
On the corner of Legazpi and Rufino Streets,
Legazpi Village, Makati City
7:30 am to 2:00 pm

Upcoming Bazaar at the American Women’s Club of the Philippines (AWCP)

MOA Convention Center
December 6, 2017
8:30 am to 2:30 pm


Give  Support or Say Hello

Like Amazing Hope Scarves on Facebook

To inquire about their scarves and bazaar schedule, call or text:

+63 922 869 7518 | +63 917 321 6673


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