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scary hallway

You’re walking around the mall, just browsing around and window shopping. Checking the latest stuff that you could buy, because “hey,” you said to yourself, “it’s payday.”

You even texted your co-workers if the salary is already on your bank accounts and ready to be withdrawn and you got a resounding “Yes!” Very quickly, you went to your favourite spot to get your usual pick-me-up and when you’re about to pay…..NO MONEY!

Sounds familiar? Damn, right it is. You see, ghost stories are scary and all, but you know what’s really really really scary? Inconvenience or problems such as this. Which is why, in the spirit of Halloween, we would like to present some real-life horror stories, garnered from Reddit. Buckle up, buckeroo!


1. The Mis-timed Traffic Lights by yes_its_him & RadioactiveWalrus

“There’s a set of lights at consecutive intersections that turn red at precisely the wrong times so that you have to stop at every. single. one.”

“There’s a place here where there are two [traffic] lights like 100 yards apart, which is stupid enough. But sometimes the far light will be red while the close one will be green. But traffic is backed up from the red one so you can’t go anywhere. Rage initiated.


2.Overly Affectionate Cat by soomuchcoffee

“My cat is friendly in that he likes to come up and lick you or do the head bump thing, or the little stomp-stomp dance, or a little face poke, and purrs like a damn freight train. Every day. At 2:45. And at 3:30. And at 5:15. In the morning.”


3. The Dark Hallway…To The Gym by Unknown

“My gym is on the underground floor of my apartment building, and I go there every morning. The lights on this floor automatically turn on at 8:00 am, but I like to workout at about 6:30 am before work. When I get down there, everything is pitch black and it’s creepy as all hell down there- I’m talking dark hallways, corners, and a bunch of doors that won’t open for some reason. It’s a very old building and the basement is clearly ancient. Anyways, I get down there at 6:30 am, can’t see shit, and have to run like Usain Bolt from the elevator, across the room, and to the light switch, which I have to feel up the wall to find.

It scares me out of my wits every single morning, and I’m just waiting for an axe murderer to snatch me in the dark.:


4. The Annoying Co-Worker by Sudamaaan

“I work in a job where we frequently work in different small teams so lots of coffee and tea runs. Every time if I’m taking the order and ask how much sugar everyone takes there’s always that person who says ‘none for me, I’m sweet enough.’ Always! Every damn time!”


5. Pesky Earphones by MagicCoat

“The headphone slot in my phone is bust. I need to hold my finger down on the wire where the headphones are plugged in to get all the sound, otherwise I just get the background instrumental.”



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