MRT Faces Same Problems As Last Year ; Where Did The Problems Begin?


New Year, Same Problems.

That’s what’s happening to the Philippines’ Metro Rail Transit, who suffered its first operational problem this 2018.

According to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, the MRT welcomed the year with a train breakdown, which led to the inconvenience of hundreds of passengers. Just shortly after noon on the first day of the year, the southbound MRT train broke down and unloaded 300 passengers at the Guadalupe station.

According to the MRT management, the train suffered an electrical failure in its motor, due to the “worn-out electrical subcomponents.” It should be noted that the breakdown occurred despite having a significantly lesser passengers. Luckily, the affected passengers were loaded into a different train just after seven minutes.

The Philippine Department of Transportation said that these problems will frequently occur on the MRT; due to lack of available spare parts.

Which led common people to ask, “Where did all go wrong?”

How It All Began

In a BusinessWorld column, these myriad of problems that the MRT frequently encounters are due to a combination of political decisions and mismanagement. According to an expert, the train used on the MRT was wrong in the first place, as it’s not equipped to handle a maximum capacity at all times.

Additionally, the expert puts the blame to the past administration, specifically the former secretary Mar Roxas, when it cancelled the contract bidding for the maintenance of the train lines, which led to a myriad of short term maintenance contracts with other firms, who allegedly did not invest long-term solutions to the MRT.

And as it is, the MRT’s problems have piled up, with no clear solution at hand. Fortunately, experts have proposed some quick short term solutions, as well as long term ones.

For starters, the trains must be replaced by similar to those in the LRT-2 lines, which can handle maximum capacity at a high volume, as well as rehabilitating the rails itself. However, to do that, this would require extensive closing of the train lines, and the government should provide an alternative to the riding public in the meantime.

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