[SEE] Two Men Arrested in a Starbucks Store in Philadelphia, CEO Described Video as ‘Hard to Watch’


Starbucks Underfire for Arrest of Two Black Men in Philadelphia Store,

Starbucks Coffee is under fire recently when two black men were arrested in one of their stores in Philadelphia.

According to the New York Times, the two men asked the cafe barista to use the restroom, but the employee decline, citing that the restroom is exclusively for paying customers on. Afterwards, the two men were then asked to leave, but declined, which led to the employee calling the police.

The incident was caught on video and was subsequently posted on Twitter. As of this writing, the video of the incident was viewed more than eight million times.

In the video, bystanders were questioning why were the two men was arrested, as “they didn’t do anything,” according to one bystander.

As reported by Business Insider, another man in the video, who identified as Andrew Yaffe said that he was there to meet the two and argued with the police and said that the arrests are “ridiculous.”

Yaffe said in the video repeatedly, “What did they do?” in which one of the police officers replied that the precinct received a call from the store, to which he replied, “What did they get called for? That there are two black guys sitting here meeting me?”

As for Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, he said that the video was “hard to watch,” and since has issued a lengthy statement to apologize for the incident.

In the statement, he also said that he will join Starbucks’ regional vice president Camille Hymes, to personally speak with customers, partners and the community, as well as the local law enforcement to discuss the fiasco. Moreover, Mr. Johnson added that he will also meet with the two arrested men to personally apologize.

CNN reported that the two arrested men have since been released from police custody, when Starbucks refused to press charges.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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